A fictional story about a near tragic event near the local swamp

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. If you're not familiar with Jim Arnosky, he's a prolific writer of children's nature books, mostly Juvenile non-fiction and Easy fiction. I picked up his latest, thinking that I'd enjoy an adventure book with a nature theme - always looking for that perfect "boy" book.

A fictional story about a near tragic event near the local swamp

Sep 03, Maybe this part of the swamp was due to be destroyed and built over? I think there were at least three children. I think the oldest child in the group a teenager? He acted like a tour guide and educator about the swamp to the siblings. I remember very small bits and pieces: One of the siblings trailing fingers in the swamp-water, studying it because it was an odd brown color.

A comment was made about the water not looking like water at all, but like Coca-Cola. The children making plans to use bird calls to keep in touch with each other without the bad guys knowing they were there.

The children were handicapped by the fact the siblings had a heck of a time trying to make realistic-sounding calls. The youngest sibling was limited to making the call of the Bobwhite or maybe Whippoorwill? The word copse was used in the text; I remember it as being the first time I encountered that word.

I read this in the late 80s or early 90s, and I probably found it in a library. I know this description is so vague, but does it sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks much for your help!Hart’s ambitious, uneven, but ultimately provocative thriller initially seems set up along conventional narrative lines. In particular, the tale’s opening events suggest a legal thriller centered on two characters, Johnny Merrimon and Jack Cross, returning from the author’s earlier book The Last Child ().

Now 23, Johnny faces losing the Hush, the 6, acre, half swamp, half dry land expanse in Raven .

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“Swamp Thing” – the TV show, anyway – is coming to Wilmington, North Carolina. Warner Bros. confirmed Friday that a new TV series based on DC Comics’ ”Swamp Thing” will be filmed on the North Carolina coast. Three-day search for lost horse Noah comes to tragic end in swamp near Guelph.

Jan 07,  · The Swamp Robber by Paul Hutchens? Amazon indicates that book has a strong religious theme, which is not a part of the book I'm looking for, and it doesn't look like it was published until the late 90s. Three-day search for lost horse Noah comes to tragic end in swamp near Guelph. "There's a real fascination with the story of people solving crimes and getting things figured out." People also were drawn to the book by an interest in history, especially of this country, and the culture and experience of Native Americans, she said.

The Memorandum that follows, so artfully done by G. Gordon Liddy, elucidates one way that terrorism might strike at home in the all-too-near future in the hands of a small, Communist-backed cadre.

These terrorists would hit power plants, rail lines, airports, and natural gas pipelines. Georgia ghost story of a young boy who discovers the tragic secret life of his uncle, lost behind the walls of an insane asylum.

Ever hear of a swamp creature that’s part dog, part hog and not a big fan of wicked kids?

A fictional story about a near tragic event near the local swamp

Mississippi ghost story about a young boy’s encounter with a strange girl who suddenly appears near his family’s. Subscribe now for complete, progressive coverage of local, national and global news.