A review of the possibility of chemical and biological warfare

Helicopters buzz below the treeline spraying Malathion over children playing in parks, people walking their dogs or walking about their neighborhoods and parks, and even over the NY City subway system. No effort at all is made to provide health services for people made sick from the spray. Given panic whipped up against other countries to divert attention from the real culprits, I thought it may be of importance to review some of the history of biological warfare in and by the US.

A review of the possibility of chemical and biological warfare

The hurricane winds of change are howling around the world.

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The human race seethes with unrest and rebellion. Our political institutions are polarized, divided to the left and right without any common ground in the center.

A review of the possibility of chemical and biological warfare

Despite the signs of current prosperity, our debt-ridden, hair-triggered economy seems precariously balanced on the verge of collapse. We have barred and dead-bolted our homes, making ourselves prisoners while criminals roam free in our neighborhoods, graffiti-tagging and shooting at random, filling our hearts with fear.

With every day's headlines, with every new atrocity or terrorist attack, we see more evidence that there is a very thin line which separates civilization from anarchy. We seem to be approaching not just a political breakdown, but a cultural meltdown.

A review of the possibility of chemical and biological warfare

What is our response? Is there anything the church can do in the face of such complex and insoluble problems?

Can the church make a difference in this wobbly, dangerous world? Or has the church simply become irrelevant? Amazingly, when Paul wrote his letter to the Christians in the city of Ephesus, the Christians of the first century faced strikingly similar problems and asked similar questions.

Ephesus was a city in the Roman province of Asia, and the entire Roman empire was being shaken by political instability, civil unrest, crime, and radical change.

Half the population of the Empire were slaves, sunk into such hopeless bondage that they were traded and sold like cattle. Except for a small class of rich aristocrats and patricians, most of the population eked out a poverty-line living as farmers, tradesmen, and laborers.

The moral corruption of Ephesus was legendary. The city was the center of worship for the sex-goddess, Diana of the Ephesians. As for cruelty, the Roman legions were ready to march anywhere to suppress any rebellion or civil disorder with ruthless slaughter.

The ruler of the Roman world was Emperor Nero, whose sordid and savage life had scandalized the empire. Paul was in Rome, a prisoner of Caesar, when he wrote his letter to the Ephesians. He was awaiting the hour when he would he summoned before Nero. Though permitted to live in his own rented house, Paul could not go about the city.

Instead, he was subjected to the indignity of being chained day and night to a Roman guard. Seeing about him the decadent life of the city and knowing the conditions which prevailed in distant Ephesus, what would the apostle tell the Christians to do when he wrote?

The answer is striking and instructive: What does the apostle say to the Ephesian church in the face of so many desperate cries of human need?

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What is his answer to the pleas for justice and relief from oppression all around him? Don't deviate from the divine strategy! In this admonition the apostle clearly recognizes the true nature and function of the church. It is not a human institution.

It is not expected to devise its own strategy and set its own goals.Mar 17,  · That research program was one of the great secrets of Japan during and after World War II: a vast project to develop weapons of biological warfare, including plague, .

Glenn Cross’s Dirty War: Rhodesia and Chemical Biological Warfare – is a welcome addition to the small, but growing scholarly literature on the history of chemical and biological warfare. In , the minority white community in the British.

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Biological weapons include any organism (such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi) or toxin found in nature that can be used to kill or injure people.

Learn more about biological warfare agents and weapons. Terrorist incidents in the United States and elsewhere involving bacterial pathogens (3), nerve gas (1), and a lethal plant toxin (i.e., ricin) (4), have demonstrated that the United States is vulnerable to .

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