An analysis of the dover bitch a criticism of life written by anthony hecht in 1968

Preface [Page xi] Welcome to our view of the state of the scholarship on communicating gender. We say our view to make the point that this textbook represents our best effort to be critical reviewers of existing knowledge on the topic, and because we want to clarify that our view is uniquely tied to the materials we have chosen to include, to our worldviews, and to the ways in which we make sense of the material. In fact, we hope it does. Our purpose with this textbook is not to provide any final conclusions about communicating gender.

Arnold and his wife are often considered the models for the speaker and listener in the poem, although any young man and woman could represent the two figures in the tale, caught in a moment of their early lives.

The monologue, or poem spoken by a single voice, is made dramatic by the presence of a silent audience of one or more listeners, whose responses may be indicated by the speaker, or persona.

This strategy may have been particularly attractive to Arnold, for the views of his speaker are diametrically opposed to his own education and upbringing. Matthew was six years old when he was moved into the Rugby School after his clergyman father Thomas Arnold became its headmaster, or principal.

As headmaster, Thomas Arnold gained a reputation for educational reform, based on his commitment to the high seriousness of making students aware of the moral as well as the social issues that would make them responsible citizens. The geology of Charles Lyell and others was forcing Europeans and Americans to rethink how life began on the planet.

Even then, Darwin published On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection only at the urging of his friends, who warned him that others would publish first if he did not set aside his concerns for the devastating moral and spiritual consequences of challenging the traditional story of how life began.

The poem begins with a naturalistic scene, clearly within the Romantic tradition established by William Wordsworth. Like Wordsworth, Arnold understands the elegance and power of simple language: From its initial visual images, the first stanza and the subsequent two stanzas move toward the dominance of auditory images.

The shift is justified by the obviously limited opportunity to see, even with moonlight, but also by the strong impact of the waves breaking on the beach.

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Who is the listener? What will be the effect of the melancholy poetic statement on that listener? Whatever ebbs will inevitably flow in the future. This is Romantic love at its most radical.

Without love between a man and a woman, the world is as confusing—and as lethal—as a night battle, fraught with friendly fire. In a sense, Arnold is announcing the big question for the modern world, intent on forcing love to bear the enormous weight of providing human lives with meaning: If love is all humans have, what do they do when they cannot find love, or keep it?

It is a question that resonates through the novels, too, of Ernest Hemingway, such as in his A Farewell to Armsor in the contexts of wedding receptions, where some have to suppress the depressing thought, will this be the one of every two marriages that ends in divorce?Poems, readings, poetry news and the entire year archive of POETRY magazine.

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The Dover Bitch: A Criticism of Life by Anthony Hecht Sat 28 Apr EDT First published on Sat 28 Apr EDT. Share on . Anthony Hecht was born in New York City in His books of poetry include The Darkness and the Light (Alfred A. Knopf, ); Flight Among the Tombs (); The Transparent Man (); Collected Earlier Poems (); The Venetian Vespers (); Millions of Strange Shadows (); The Hard Hours (), which won the Pulitzer .

An analysis of the dover bitch a criticism of life written by anthony hecht in 1968

“Dover Bitch” was written by Anthony Hecht, in response to “Dover Beach” and refers to love as being a joke and nonexistent. More about Dover Beach, An Analysis Essay.

An analysis of the dover bitch a criticism of life written by anthony hecht in 1968

Dover Bitch vs. Dover Beach Words | 8 Pages; Analysis of Dover Beach and The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold Words | 8 Pages; Dover Beach Theme Imagery .

Anthony Hecht : The Dover Bitch (Poem)

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