Beatrice wood

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Beatrice wood

Artwork Beatrice Wood is known both for her shimmering pots and her long, extraordinary life. Although intrigued by the arts from an early age, Wood was 40 years old by the time she began experimenting with ceramics and found her true vocation.

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Before discovering her love for clay, Wood had forays into painting, drawing, writing, and theatre. Involved in everything from Vaudeville to Dada, she spent her youth searching for the right outlet for her artistic and creative energies, a search that lead her to experience an amazing variety of people and places.

Beatrice wood

Raised in New York by proper, aristocratic parents, by the age of 16 Wood felt stifled by the mores of high society and yearned to run away to Paris, where she planned to spend the rest of her days painting in a garret. Forced to return to New York by the Beatrice wood of the war, the nineteen year old Wood soon found a place among the growing expatriate artist community there.

She met Marcel Duchamp and his friend, writer and diplomat Henri Roche, and the three formed a close friendship. Together they founded the magazine Blind Man, one of the first manifestations of the Dada art movement in New York.

They also frequented avant garde gatherings, spending many lively evenings at the home of collectors Walter and Louise Arsenberg, whose walls were hung with works by Picasso, Matisse and Braque.

Wood thrived on this intellectual, bohemian atmosphere, but her family continually pressured her to subdue her wild ways and join respectable society. When the failed marriage ended three years later, New York no longer held the same magic for her.

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The Arsenbergs had relocated to Southern California due to financial troubles, and their social circle had dissolved. In need of a change, Wood went to see renowned Theosophy leader Krishnamurti, who was holding gatherings in Ojai, a small community outside of Los Angeles.

Intrigued by the West Coast, she moved permanently to Los Angeles inand from there her life began to change. In she traveled to Europe with a friend and bought a set of Persian luster plates.

Unable to find a teapot that matched, she signed up for a ceramics class at Hollywood High, hoping to make one herself. The teapot was long in coming, but Wood discovered her affinity for clay immediately.

She soon set up a studio and began selling her work. As a potter, Wood was fascinated by the glazing process from the beginning, and dedicated much energy to the study of luster glazing techniques.

She also studied briefly with master potters Getrud and Otto Natzler, who impressed upon her the value of the ceramic vessel as fine art.


Over the next fifteen years, Wood worked to establish a home and studio in Ojai, and began perfecting her own version of the luster glaze. She turned her focus to more complex, decorative vessels, and her work was increasingly sought after by galleries and museums. By the time of her death at the age ofWood had become a well-recognized figure in the world of ceramic art, renowned as much for her luster glaze as for her longevity, vitality, and charm.B~Framed Galleries custom framing shop creates one-of-a-kind gallery pieces you will treasure for years to come.

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Beatrice wood

Childhood. Beatrice Wood was born in San Francisco, California, the daughter of wealthy the San Francisco earthquake of , the family moved to New regardbouddhiste.come her parents' strong opposition, Wood insisted on pursuing a career in the arts.

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