Chain of command in vietnam war

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Chain of command in vietnam war

In a seaside resort town on the coast of the gulf of Thailand an old warrior lives out his days, separated from the battles of his past by the insurmountable barrier of time but physically near their setting.

A member of the Ravens, a classified group of airmen operating as forward air controllers, Cavanaugh flew in combat missions in Laos illegal under the Geneva Convention during the Laotian civil war between the Pathet Lao communist forces and the Royal Lao government.

Practically speaking, the Ravens answered to no one and operated independently of the chain of command, flying in civilian aircraft and training hill tribe villagers unexposed to modern technology how to fly fighter-bombers and constitute a local CIA air force.

First flying in combat in Vietnam, Cavanaugh was growing disenchanted by the ineffective way the war was being fought. I was putting air strikes in below 1, feet in order to save some of my troops on the ground.

In Vietnam we were fighting an impossible war.


Photo via Cavanaugh Cavanaugh had already finished his tour when the opportunity to join the Ravens presented itself. He was summoned by Gen.

Chain of command in vietnam war

Scratchley Brown of the 7th Air Force. The battlefield in Laos was unlike that of Vietnam in every way — a proxy war testing the vested interests of the United States, the Soviet Union, China and North Vietnam.

Our activities were always classified secret … due to the Geneva Convention. Vang Pao, the Ravens primarily from five locations in Laos. During daylight hours it was the busiest airstrip on Earth. Vang was the only ethnic Hmong to attain the rank of general in the Royal Lao Army.

The CIA recognized that he was going to be our man. The whole CIA operation was centered on him and his troops. Photo via the author The Ravens resisted any attempt by their superiors to rein them in. He was in the direct line-of-sight of a Pathet Lao anti-aircraft gun. A fellow Raven was able to knock it out at the last moment.

Under heavy fire, Cavanaugh managed to find fuel. In Cavanaugh returned to Laos for the first time since his service.

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He found an old bomb crater and filled it with dirt. The locals asked him what he was doing. It is loss of life and destruction on both sides. I lived with the local people, ate their food and fought along side them to save … Laos.

We bonded deeply with the local people like one big happy family. When the war was over we were told to leave and we were on the losing side, so all the people we fell in love with were overwhelmed by the enemy and became refugees or got killed.

That loss is still painful to this day. This site is owned and operated by Bright Mountain Media, Inc.The Lessons of the Vietnam War, (Pittsburgh, PA: Center for Social Studies Education, ) An excellent high school text on the Vietnam War.

Includes a .

Aug 15,  · Wargaming Vietnam – Chain of Command Posted on August 15, by Neil Shuck in Gaming Blogs // 0 Comments Mike Hobbs and I have been discussing playing Vietnam games using Chain of Command for a few weeks now. 11 Posts. All members in good standing are free to post here. Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page.. For more information, see the TMP FAQ. During the Korean War, the chain of command extended from the president as commander in chief to the secretary of defense and then to the unified geographic commands— i.e., the European Command, the Far East Command, etc.—through the JCS.

1 of 8 An Iraqi Army soldier, seen in a production photo from National Geographic’s “Chain of Command.” The eight-part documentary series follows U.S. units around the world as they fight.

“If you were against the war, Calley was a war criminal writ large — but a dupe,” said Ted Thomas, who served in Vietnam and teaches a class on the war at the Army Command and Staff College. Chain of Command - First Game Yesterday was a day of firsts, as I experienced my first game of Chain of Command at the Devon Wargames Group at our first meeting of , and if first impressions are anything to go by, I was very smitten. Support for my British for Chain of Command. I have enough toys to make up a Scout Troop (a Recce Section of Two Daimler Armoured Cars and two Humber.

5th Transportation Company The 5th Transportation Company has one of the older lineages of command of LTC Kindred as part of the Army Chief of Staff’s the Japan Air War. It reactivated in Vietnam in August and served until June The 5th Transportation Company (Heavy Boat).

[] CHAPTER 28 The U.S.

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Army in Vietnam The Vietnam War was the legacy of France's failure to suppress nationalist forces in Indochina as it struggled to restore its colonial dominion after World War II. The Vietnam War - A pictorial.

A special forces soldier with protective headgear. Duc Hue, The US Special Forces helped train the South Vietnamese Special Forces of . U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) was a joint-service command of the United States Department of Defense..

MACV was created on 8 February , in response to the increase in United States military assistance to South Vietnam.

See exclusive photos from Nat Geo’s military series ‘Chain of Command’