Critique of audio lingual method

A Critical Paper 1. Introduction The Audio-Lingual method is a teaching method of foreign language which emphasizes the teaching of speaking and listening before reading and writing. This method was developed in the united states during world war second. At that time there was a need for people to learn foreign language rapidly for military purpose.

Critique of audio lingual method

It is also called the Aural oral approach. Both were considered as a reaction against the shortcomings of the Grammar Translation methodboth reject the use of the mother tongue and both stress that speaking and listening competences preceded reading and writing competences.

But there are also some differences. It contends that leaning occurs through associations, habit formation and reinforcement. When the learner produces the desired behavior and is reinforced positively, it is likely that behavior be emitted again.

The Audiolingual method The objective of the audiolingual method is accurate pronunciation and grammar, the ability to respond quickly and accurately in speech situations and knowledge of sufficient vocabulary to use with grammar patterns.

Particular emphasis was laid on mastering the building blocks of language and learning the rules for combining them. It was believed that learning structure, or grammar was the starting point for the student. Here are some characteristics of the method: The main activities include reading aloud dialogues, repetitions of model sentences, and drilling.

Key structures from the dialogue serve as the basis for pattern drills of different kinds. Lessons in the classroom focus on the correct imitation of the teacher by the students.

English Language Teaching and Literature: AUDIO-LINGUAL METHOD:A Critical Paper

Not only are the students expected to produce the correct output, but attention is also paid to correct pronunciation.

Although correct grammar is expected in usage, no explicit grammatical instruction is given. It is taught inductively. Furthermore, the target language is the only language to be used in the classroom. Disadvantages The method is based on false assumptions about language.

Mastering a language relies on acquiring the rules underlying language performance. The behaviorist approach to learning is now discredited. Many scholars have proven its weakness.Hanchey, Stephen Gregory, "A Critique of Language Learning and Theory in the Audio-Lingual Method of Teaching English as a Foreign Language" ().

MA TESOL Collection. The audio-lingual method was thus deprived of its scientific credibility and it was only a matter of time before the effectiveness of the method itself was questioned.

In , Wilga Rivers released a critique of the method in her book, The Psychologist and the Foreign Language Teacher. Subsequent research by others, inspired by her book, produced results which showed explicit grammatical instruction in the .

Definition The Audio-lingual Method is a method of foreign language teaching which emphasizes the teaching of listening and speaking before reading and writing. It uses dialogues as the main form of language presentation and .

Critique of audio lingual method

Critique of Audio-Lingual Method Essay Critique of Chapter 4 of the Textbook (Richards & Rogers, ): the Audio-Lingual Method The Audio-Lingual Method (ALM) is a foreign language instructional method, which emerged in responding to the need for quick conversational proficiency in foreign language during WWII in America.

The Audio-Lingual laid emphasis on the spoken skill before giving the learner the written form (pronunciation, intonation and colloquial forms).

8. 2- A language is a set of habits. The Audio-Lingual Method was based on habit formation. A Brief History of the Audio-lingual Method. Any quick search on the Internet will lead you to hundreds of explanations of the audio-lingual method (ALM).

Most of those explanations will tell you that the ALM fell into disuse through a highly visible critique and general dissatisfaction with the outcomes of the method. But let’s take a closer look.

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