Custom paper die cutter

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Custom paper die cutter

ICP can die cut a wide variety of non-metallic or flexible materials. With our experience we help select the right tool for the job. We offer inexpensive tooling options like steel rule dies while also having the ability to run forged and match-metal tooling for tougher materials and tighter tolerances.

custom paper die cutter

We also house the latest technology in die cutting machinery. ICP also does custom die cutting of flexible materials. Our years of experience successfully solving tough customer challenges in producing die cut parts enable us to manufacture your parts in the most cost efficient way possible.

We keep tooling costs low and QuickTurn Tooling can be requested to reduce time to market. The benefits of Dieless Knife Cutting are: Optimal material utilization with advanced yielding technology to maximize production efficiencies and control costs.

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The software provides for optimization of layouts and shape within shape cutting. Prototypes can be turned out quickly Faster turnaround time for customer parts No tooling required so no tooling costs or waiting time for tooling Dieless cutting works well for thick materials, difficult to cut materials or complex shapes Efficiencies and Reliability of the Proven ICP Quality Platform Saves Money for OEM Designers and Engineers Reduces the time to bring a new product to market Decreases the cost of new product development Low reject history reduces your costs by decreasing the time required for quality inspections Our on-time-delivery track record allows you to hold a reduced parts inventory for final production runs Our production process continually looks for ways to reduce your costs Markets Served for OEM Die Cutting and Custom Die Cutting We serve all markets including these listed below by helping customers produce OEM and custom parts from flexible materials: OEM manufacturers in the following industries:From Dick Blick Art Materials - Choose from a wide selection of paper cutters and rotary trimmers.

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custom paper die cutter

Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices. MBM Triumph /4" Manual Paper Cutter The MBM Triumph Stack Manual Paper Cutter is a /4" manual tabletop paper cutter with the latest safety features available.

The MBM Triumph features an extra large cut lever requires minimal effort and spindle clamping system that applies even pressure along the entire cutting length.

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