Gcse pe coursework rounders

Physical Education Pupils will have two 1 hour lessons per week of Physical Education. On entry to Year 7, students will have a series of taster sessions each lasting two lessons.

Gcse pe coursework rounders

EggarsPE Introduction to the Department: In the PE Department we aim to help all students up their confidence and enjoyment of sport. We firstly endeavour to help make the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible.

Learning will be a continuous process, building on knowledge gained during Key Stage 2. It is the expectation that all students bring kit to all lessons, even if they are not practically able to take part in the lesson due to illness or injury. Students still get changed and take part as a coach, official or performing observation and analysis.

Students will experience 4 different activities across the autumn and spring terms and then a further 3 across the summer term. Key Stage 3 Information: Students follow a programme of study which covers a broad and balanced range of activities: Games, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance.

In Physical Education in Years 7 and 8 we aim to provide an enjoyable and satisfying programme with opportunities for every student to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

Lessons are planned by specialist teachers to meet the needs of individual students and encourage active involvement by all as performers, observers and officials. Students learn to develop physical competence and promote the skills necessary to effectively plan and evaluate movement and movement related activities, safely and with confidence.

The development of tolerance, a sense of fair play and good sporting behaviour are considered to be essential elements of the learning process. Students are encouraged to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses and respond appropriately to the needs of individuals and groups and develop their personal fitness levels.

A running theme throughout Year 7 and 8 is an understanding of fitness and how to maintain fitness, this involves both practical and theory work and serves as preparation for both project style homework and a realistic view about examined PE.

Key Stage 4 Information: Within the guidelines of the National Curriculum, students are given the opportunity to select some of their PE activities from a wide range of activities, including:About Queen's College London.

Welcome to the Queen's College website. Queen's is an independent day school for girls between the ages of 11 and 18, and occupies four large houses on Harley Street. To choose between A-levels and International Baccalaureate, is your child a specialist or an all-rounder?

The IB is divided into six groups: language, second language, individuals and societies, mathematics and computer science, experimental sciences and the arts.

Rounders Skills, knowledge and understanding Advanced skills developed in structured plays to enable students to perform in the context of the assessment Batting: grips and their uses; stance; hitting in different directions; forehand and backhand. Bowling: basic action; stepping action; variation of speed, height, angle, spin.

Gcse pe coursework rounders

Rossett News Update – 7 September Welcome back. I hope that everyone enjoyed the ‘record breaking’ temperatures this summer. Congratulations to all our students celebrating A Level and GCSE . A selection of AQA Unit 4 Key Process C examples (which were sent for moderation) from my GCSE PE cohort.

They are from a range of activity areas but are all in the role of Performer/5(8). Rounders (Candidates may not offer Softball or Baseball as well) Advanced Skills developed in structured plays to enable candidates to perform in the context of the assessment.

Batting: grips and their uses; stance; hitting in different directions; forehand and backhand. Bowling: basic action; stepping action; variation of speed, height, angle, spin.

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