How to write axis title in excel 2013

A project timeline shows how events relate to each other in time.

How to write axis title in excel 2013

Tags named range Create Chart using Named Range in Excel Creating a chart that uses a named range is excel can be accomplished by following these basic steps.

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Before we begin, let us first look at the building blocks. What is a named range? A named range is a group of cells that have explicitly been given a name. Every time you refer to that name, the workbook automatically knows that the user is referring a collection of cells that name represents.

You can assign a name to a range of cells by simply selecting the cells and then entering a name for them in the name box. What is a dynamic named range? A dynamic named range is a special class of named range that can expand or contract based on a value specific in a criteria.

Often a user or a formula will determine that value and the dynamic named range adjusts itself accordingly. If used along with its height and width parameters, it allows you to offset a particular cell by a certain number of rows and columns and returns the range enclosed between those cells.

The number of rows and columns to offset can be decided by other cells present on the worksheet or another function itself such as COUNT. You can read more about dynamic range in excel in this article.

How do you create a dynamic named range in excel? In the box that appears, you can simply type a name for the range and the formula that defines that range. How can you use named range in a chart?

A chart can make use of a named range in the same manner in which it would use a normal range. Infact if you use multiple series in a chart and they are located in different sheets and locations, providing a name to the source data range can result in an immense improvement in the readability of the chart.

You wanted to create a chart in excel that shows the scores of the students one after another. Now if you were to create a chart by specifying a range in excel, your customer list can always exceed the range specified.

Also for some type of charts, for example line charts, the empty cells in the yet unfilled cells in the range can still be treated as 0 and hence may show a wrong picture.

In this case, the chart will simply go from the last point straight to 0 and that can startle people especially your head of department.

how to write axis title in excel 2013

For a simple chart with date and values You can create two ranges, one that contains the cells with the names and the other with the scores.

You can work out the formula for the range that contains the names. We can now simply create an empty chart. And there you are, ready with your excel chart with named ranges. Now you can keep on typing as many name and score combinations as you want and the chart will keep expanding to accommodate all of them automatically.

You can download a sample worksheet with an example of chart using a named range in excel here or click on the button below: Before we leave just a small tip: Incase the scores themselves were dynamic and were dependent upon other cells, you could face issues in terms of the chart not updating properly using the named range.

In such a case, you can pick up the cell that was used as the offsetting point and add the volatile RAND function to it. A volatile function gets recalculated every time a value changes in a worksheet and causes the chart to read the updated values.Excel for Office Excel Excel Excel Excel Excel More Less To easily update a chart or axis title, label, or text box that you have added to a .

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Free trial version. Developer License: euros. Royalty-free deployment License: euros. Today we are learning how to create project timelines or project timeline charts in Excel. One can say that timeline charts are simpler versions of gantt chart as they usually don’t involve activity’s stage of completion.

Project timelines are usually prepared at the start of project to understand the flow of activities and which task is followed by what sequence.

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