Idli vada business plan

Hot Products Used for maavu dosa batter grinding. Ive had mine for 6 years and love it idli maavu grinding machine - … idli maavu grinding machine. Click Here How to start your own idli-dosa batter business?

Idli vada business plan

He was a poor student and dropped out of school. He later rejoined school, finished it, studied engineering at NIT Kozhikode, worked for a few multinational companies, obtained an MBA from IIMB and decided to start to start his own venture with his cousins.

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The rest, as the cliche goes, is history. It is looking for the right distribution partners to launch the product in the UK and the US. The company recently launched single origin filter coffee decoction, the response to which has been quite good and encouraging, according to Musthafa.

How to Start a South Indian Restaurant | Bizfluent Signs and fixtures for the restrooms Chefs Waiters Find an ideal location that is available to open up a South Indian restaurant.

Its other products include Malabar Parota, vada batter, whole wheat parota, natural panneer and natural curd. According to Musthafa, iD makes and sells about 60, kg of batter every day; that is, the equivalent of 1. Learnt from mistakes He was a software engineer and his cousins were running a kirana shop in Bengaluru.

None of them knew anything about food technology or the food business. After they had started selling idli and dosa batter, they got a call from a retail shop in Bengaluru saying the batter had caused an explosion.

Musthafa told the audience that they did not know that batter ferments and fermentation caused gas to form, which led to the explosion.

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He said he and his cousins learnt from this mistake and never again had the problem. The company launched its batter in Chennai in He said iD decided not to compromise on the quality of the rice it used in its batter and very soon found it difficult to pay salaries to its employees.

Rather than compromise on quality and take short cuts, he said the company decided to shut down its Chennai plant, sold the machinery, paid off its employees and focussed on profitability of its Bengaluru operations. There is no one manning these and customers can walk up to the fridge, pick up a product, pay for it by dropping the money in a box kept nearby and walk away.

The company did nothing about it, but kept replenishing the stock. The founders were only following recipes handed down by grandmothers. They translated this knowledge into their business and got the batter. Likewise, when they introduced vada batter, they worked on the pouch and the spout so that crispy vadas with the perfect hole could be made by anyone.Opening up a South Indian restaurant requires a lot of hard work and careful planning.

idli vada business plan

Items you will need. Write a business plan that includes information on demographics of the area and how your restaurant will benefit from this market.

ID Fresh Food CEO Musthafa’s five mantras for start-up founders

Some essential South Indian food items include idli, dosai, medhu vada, uthappam, sambhar, rasam. Welcome to “The Idli Xpress”. The Idli Xpress is a New Delhi based chain of % pure Indian vegetarian restaurants specializing in “tasty and healthy” South Indian cuisine. It is the venture of Brewbakes Café, one of India’s leading and successful food business franchisor.

Find your plan. Idly stock photos Group of South Indian food like Masala Dosa, Uttapam, Idli/idly, Wada/vada, sambar, appam, semolina halwa, upma served over banana leaf with colourful chutneys, selective focus Idly with sambar, IDLY SAMBAR,South indian breakfast.

idli vada business plan

This insightful approach to the business helped us in developing iD batter, our flagship product. Coupled with a foresight about market trends, Nazar oversees product development with the sole aim of helping you deliver a home-made meal with help from iD.

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Group of South Indian food like Masala Dosa, Uttapam, Idli/idly, Wada/vada, sambar, appam, semolina halwa, upma served over banana leaf with colourful chutneys, selective focus Tiranga Idly or Idli made using Indian National Flag colours like saffron, white and green. The vada pav was the final choice, and in January Goli Vada Pav and its business plan were ready.

The Team Goli Vada Pav was set up by Venkatesh Iyer, with support from family and friends.

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