Living between two worlds

I thought of one difference yesterday as I was getting a massage, which was suddenly interrupted: In China it is socially acceptable to answer a ringing telephone no matter where you are. If it rings, China is going to answer it. China obviously does not subscribe to this social convention.

Living between two worlds

Living between two worlds

Next Three years ago this past summer, one of the college students at my former congregation found out that he had a brain tumor. But, what is special about this story is the support I saw from his friends as he readied for surgery.

The morning of his surgery, I had to step over people in his room because his friends, who had camped out all night with him and would stay almost around the clock, were lying on the floor around his hospital bed.

The surgery that August Friday morning came and went. It went well, but they could not get the entire tumor. Early the next week, they asked him what he wanted to do. And so, the following Friday, a week after the first surgery, he was opened up again. And they got the rest of the tumor. Today, he is a junior in college and there has been no sign of another tumor.

Those days and weeks were moments of sheer anxiety for this young man and his family, but, God was very present, and through the miracle of modern medical procedures, he was made well.

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It spoke to me and many others, I believe, about the reality of who is really in control when life, as we have tragically seen this week, is out of our control. I have had many different thoughts and directions of thinking this week in regarding to what I would say this morning under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

But, then I thought about what the next text is and remembered that there is an important connection with it and the events of this past week. It speaks to the reality that God is in control!

The passage is Isaiah Now, before I read it, I want to place it in context. Hezekiah was king of Judah.

Living Between Two Worlds - Ebook written by Joel S. Goldsmith. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Living Between Two Worlds.5/5(1). Sep 16,  · But being at home was living in another world. Tell us your story >> Ma would cook enchiladas en salsa verde and, at least once a week, would shove the phone in my face, “Ten, habla con tu abuela que te quiere oír.” Translation: My grandma wanted to hear my voice. I loved being in two worlds. Living Between Two Worlds - Philippians Taught on Sunday, September 14, After studying about the believer's death, resurrection and heaven for four months now, maybe you can relate to these words by Puritan author, Thomas Watson, "Spiritual things satisfy; the more of heaven is in us, the less earth will content us.".

This was some time after David and the dominant nation of that time was Assyria, which included the area of the nation that we now call Syria, northeast of modern day Israel.

The Assyrian king, King Sennacherib, had pretty much taken control of the surrounding area and Judah was next on his list. So, he sent some representatives to King Hezekiah to ask basically for surrender. Well, as kings usually do, Hezekiah sent out his representatives to talk with the Assyrian representatives.

Diplomacy has been around a while. Well the two sides engage in talks, like nations do today. The Assyrian representative begins to harass the Israelites by bragging about the strength of his king and the power of his nation and that who do you think you are, Judah, to withstand this great and powerful nation?

No other god has been able to deliver its people, what makes you think that yours can? They rip their clothes and put on sackcloth and ashes, a Middle Eastern sign of mourning and sadness.Living Between Two Worlds by Joel S.

Goldsmith For twelve years Joel Goldsmith had been searching for the way to live a truly spiritual life without retreating from the world, often feeling on the verge of discovery, but always finding it quietly elusive.5/5(1).

#1: Traffic Laws Are Not Laws in China

LIVING BETWEEN TWO WORLDS: See The Universe Both From Within & From Without [Joel S Goldsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For twelve years Joel Goldsmith had been searching for the way to live a truly spiritual life without retreating from the world/5(35).

Reality is the invisble world behind this material world giving substance and meaning to life. Nicolas Cage is heading to the Cannes Film Festival this year, and he’s looking mighty grisly. Cage stars in a mystery titled “Between Worlds,” in which the actor plays a man haunted by the.

Living this kind of lifestyle may seem to be difficult compared to the lifestyle in the city but for us who experienced it was totally interesting and fun.

It was not until the time came when I had to live this kind of life and join the famous Nairobi city I realized that it was difficult to live between two worlds. The world’s top five happiest countries, all of which fall in northern Europe, have cities that delight residents with old town charm, cultural offerings and easy access to nature.

Living between two worlds
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