Marketing strategy of a new energy drinks essay

These beverages are intended to give instant energy along with providing mental and physical stimulation. The main ingredients, which helps in providing stimuli, is caffeine.

Marketing strategy of a new energy drinks essay

During the initial launch of their new product, they faced many setbacks trying to publicise the drink. One of their drawbacks was that their targeted consumers were unable to recognize the purpose for the drink. However, the company did not abandon hope on the product and invested a greater deal on it plus, The main ingredients in PLUS are carbonated water, glucose, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium phosphate and calcium phosphate.

Top athletes consume PLUS because it can be use to rehydrate, boost energy and replenish electrolytes after sweating from heavy physical exertion plus, There is also a new introduction for their new non-carbonated drink, which contains B vitamins that aid and speed up after-sports recovery plus, Recently, there is an increase in awareness towards advocating healthy lifestyle amongst individuals Harrington, The current emerging trends are the usage of natural ingredients in the formula of energy drinks, as people grew to be more concern in what exactly is in the product that they are or will be consuming Doering, Hence, the introduction of natural ingredients to Plus can form a new extension, adding on to the Plus varieties, where it may further increase onto product sales.

Therefore, the management will need to decide whether the new product extension of Plus with natural ingredients would be able to satisfy the needs of consumers in the sports drink segment. In the case that the needs can be satisfied, Plus would be able to boost its market share through its competitive edge, as some competitors may not offer such variation.

The second objective aims to knowing the attitudes, feelings, or what consumers want or what consumers think will help managers better strategizing and predicted its success. Lastly, the fourth objective can help managers to determine the taste and preferences of customers, which helps them decide on the most popular flavour that contains the natural ingredient.

It will be in an exploratory research such as in the form of a questionnaire, to help understand and also provide insight for the marketing development process. Good description provides significant insight to the research as it encompasses a broad scope of social indexes and economic data such as household expenditure patterns Jong, Desk research revealed that consumers are shifting towards healthier lifestyle.

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Therefore, marketing Plus with natural ingredients can possibly encourage market sales. Descriptive research can help to further support the expansion of primary perception, and also to develop series of plans for the management to undertake. Bringing the questionnaires on Facebook can help fasten the research process, through the establishment of fast distribution and response time.

Another advantage would be the scaling down of cost, where the cost of papers invested in for printing and also the manpower needed to handle those papers can be saved.

Also, huge amount of information can be gathered from large number of crowds in a comparably cost effective way Popper, As Plus is beneficial to people that wants to be completely hydrated, it can be consumed by anyone, regardless of age or gender.

People with diabetes can also drink Plus Plus, Hence, this research will center on consumers that are willing to give the new product extension, which contains natural ingredients, a try. A screening questionnaire is firstly applied to form a collection of information of prospective and current consumers refer to appendix A.

Besides advertising the questionnaires on Facebook, chances to win gift vouchers as an incentive will be offered to participants when they have completed the screening questionnaires. Responses of the participants who have consumed Plus before, or have not but is willing to give it a try, will then be sorted to become the sampling frame and aid in Plus new product extension, containing natural ingredients.

The sampling frame can therefore be formed from the collected data. Participants will only be allowed to complete the survey once, to prevent duplication of data, which may lead to inaccurate analysis of results Jackson, Essay on Energy Drinks: Red Bull The strange about the price of Red Bull products is not in being higher than the other products which are provided inside the market, but it is strange in being stable for the different brands which are demanded by the company.

Marketing strategy of a new energy drinks essay

Nov 08,  · maintain case sensitivity in sql server the . your task is to research each ingredient found in these energy drinks. i have to write a persuasive multiple source essay about red bull marketing.

the problem: november 9, pressays.

XYIENCE: Energy drinks market is maturing & brands’ marketing strategy

Section Marketing strategy for a new brand Figure: Spirit Energy Drink Figure: Logo of Spirit Energy Drink 2. 1: Introducing a new brand for energy drink – After analyzing the present market condition of energy drinks in Bangladesh, we have come up with a new idea of introducing a new brand for energy drink.

Marketing strategy of a new energy drinks essay

- Water Inc. Marketing Plan Executive Summary The LIFT Water concept is a unique caffeine experience designed to appeal to college students and businesspersons looking for an alternative to coffee, sodas and energy drinks.

SYNERGY ENERGY DRINK MARKETING PLAN Prepared By: Damien Rossetto George Scott Aditya Prepared For: MKTG Table of Contents Executive Summary This marketing plan report on Synergy energy drink, an Australian owned and produced company provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and future performance and marketing strategies for the future growth and establishment.

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