Oracle apps dba adadmin paper

The menu divides into two categories:

Oracle apps dba adadmin paper

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If a request is submitted which has an XML Publisher template specified as a layout for the output, then after the concurrent manager finishes running the concurrent program, it will contact the OPP to apply the XML Publisher template and create the final output.

An overview of the actions involved: An application user submits an XML Publisher based report. The standard concurrent manager processes the request. The XML data file is generated by the standard concurrent manager. This can be done by various methods: A post processing action defines that the output needs to be generated by the Output Post Processor hence it is triggered by the standard manager.

The Output Post Processor generates the final report and informs the standard concurrent manager whether that was successful. The standard concurrent manager finalizes the concurrent request. There should always be at least one OPP process active in the system. If no OPP service is available to process concurrent requests, completed requests that require OPP post-processing will complete with a status of Warning.

One service instance of the OPP service is seeded by default. This seeded OPP service instance has one workshift with one process. A concurrent manager contacts an available OPP process when a running concurrent request needs an OPP post-processing action. The OPP Service is multi-threaded and will start a new thread for each concurrent request it processes.

Oracle apps dba adadmin paper

You can control the number of simultaneous threads for an OPP Service Instance by adjusting the Threads per Process parameter for the instance.

If all the OPP process has reached their respective maximum number of threads, the requests waiting to be processed remain in a queue to be processed as soon as threads become available.

If request throughput has become slow, you may want to increase the number of Threads per Process for the OPP.

Oracle apps dba adadmin paper

The number of concurrent requests that the Output Post Processor can handle in parallel depends upon: Timeout issue with OPP: There is 1 OPP process with 2 threads.

Hence 4 reports can be processed at any time. The pending request will be picked up as soon as one of the running jobs completes. By default a timeout will occur if it takes longer than seconds 2 min. In that case, the concurrent request will complete with status Warning.

The time that this takes will depends on various elements such as:Oracle Apps dba interview questions The forms user interface is used in the desktop clients for working in Oracle Applications. This is how the forms server works. Browser sends request (URL) to HTTP Listener (Apache) If the invalid count in apps schema has increased post patching, run adadmin to compile apps schema.

In case the. Sep 28,  · AD Admin Adadmin is a utility that performs a number of tasks required from maintaining and This option verifies all the file required to run Oracle Applications for the present configuration are there in APPL_TOP, and checks if any are missing.

This is the last option of adadmin menu. In Maintenance mode Oracle Application. Installed oracle database server on SOLARIS, HP-UX, AIX, WINDOWS NT, LINUX and migration of oracle server from 8i,9i to 10g and 10g to 11g applied oracle patches.

Extensively used Database Administrative tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager, DBA Studio, SQL*PLUS, TOAD. Oracle Apps DBA. Search this site. Now writing on Adadmin Utilities.

This is an interactive menu available to you to maintain several aspects of your Oracle Applications environment. The menu divides into two categories: Database and File maintenance. Sep 13,  · Using the AdAdmin utility, how to Regenerate/Generate specific Forms Using the AdAdmin utility, how to Regenerate/Generate specific Forms Suppose I want to generate Forms for Account Receivables(AR) I am working as Oracle Apps DBA and have worked on Solaris,Linux Windows platform and IBM-AIX.

Getting Started. This chapter contains basic information about Oracle E-Business Suite maintenance utilities, both command line and Web-based. The tools generally referred to as Applications DBA (AD) The Oracle Applications Manager Dashboard presents a quick overview of the general status of your system.

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