Redang island

Or click on image above for full sized image. As usual, it will be jam packed with activities as well as talks experts in the field. One of the highlight would be the visit to Turtle Bay, which is normally not opened to public.

Redang island

The northeast monsoon transforms this tropical gem into a desolated place between the end of October and the beginning of March; many resorts are closed during this period. Because of this monsoon the underwater world is a lot less beautiful; visibility is bad and there are currents so diving and snorkeling is not possible.

Avoid the island during school holidays and public holidays; especially Singaporean school and public holidays as the island is Redang island popular among citizens of Singapore.

Wonderful destination for those who like a bit of luxury

If you visit Tioman between April and October you will still have a chance that it rains; you are, of course, visiting a country with a tropical climate. Some tips Book a full board package if you are on a diving trip or doing a PADI course as resorts offer better prices if you go for the complete package.

Do check up front if the resort has a reef in front of the resort; it is just so much more fun if you can snorkel right in front of your cabana. When traveling by boat from Mersing to Tioman, operator Bluewater Express charges the same price so there is no point in waiting with the reservations so you can include this with your resort booking if the resort asks for this.

Redang island

Make sure you arrive at Mersing jetty or Tanjung Gemuk jetty well before 4pm last boat to Tioman departs around 4. Try to avoid the last vessel as it is always the busiest.


Last boat from Tioman to the mainland departs at 4. If you want to get your diving license make sure you make the necessary arrangements beforehand as the diving school needs to have a dive master available.

The sooner you make reservations the better the chance the dive school can actually appoint a dive master from the same country same language.

If you are going to do some diving or snorkeling; you will need diving goggles. If you are wearing glasses it would be great to have powered lenses in your mask, but unfortunately almost none of the diving schools at Tioman have those.

They are ready made, so you only need to find out the needed correction just drop by a store where they sell glasses and have it measured for free.

There are ATMs available on the island but make sure you bring along enough cash and a credit card as your resort might not be located nearby one. Cell phone coverage 3G should be ok at Tioman.

Redang island

If you bring along a local sim it should work fine though you might stay at a resort where coverage is not that great. Not every resort offers WIFI internet. Sometimes they do offer internet, but you pay dearly.

Best is to buy a local sim card with 3G support and use this with your smart phone. Another option is to buy a monthly prepaid subscription to a mobile internet provider at one of the shops in Kuala Lumpur works with an usb dongle.

Some resorts do not have secured booking options integrated into their website.2 ways KT Airport-Jetty-KT Airport Transfer: 2 ways Bus Station-Jetty-Bus Station Transfer: 2 ways KL(PWTC)-KT VIP Coach transfer: 2 .

For its sheer alluring beauty, Pulau Redang Island remains one of the most popular islands in Malaysia, and a must-see for any traveller keen on exploring the best of Peninsular Malaysia's diving. Welcome!

Coral Redang Resort

Redang, a tropical island paradise that offers some of the best beaches, snorkelling and diving in peninsular Malaysia. Use this online guide to plan your trip and more importantly, to learn to care for its marine environment.

TULAI BEACH, TIOMAN Powdery white sands, amazing turquoise blue water, this is heaven on earth! TELUK DALAM, REDANG Crystal-clear waters, powdery soft sands, this beach is a must visit when you are in Redang.

Redang Island is located off the state of Terengganu in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Befitting the beauty of the island, Redang Island Resort marks its glimmering presence in Teluk Siang, south of the Island.

Perfect diving conditions

Tioman Island is a popular island at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Location map. Resort information. Travel tips. Best time to visit and much more useful information.

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