Strange place

In the summer the water of the lake evaporates and small mineral pools are left behind, each one different in colour to the next. The unique lake can be viewed on Highway 3, northwest of the small town of Osoyoosalthough visitors are asked not to trespass on tribal land. There are an estimated 37, polygon columns at this World Heritage Siteso geometrically perfect that local legend has it they were created by a giant. It can be viewed by taking the Captain Cook Trail from the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area visitor centre — but for your own safety stay well back, especially at high tide or during winter storms.

Strange place

The 20 Of the Most Strange Places In The World (Gallery)

The photographs surprise us with some of the most unusual behaviours of the nature. For example, when we see the Lake Rebta in Senegal, the question comes to our mind why its colour is pink.

The scientific explanation is that color comes from Algae and high salt content in water. Similarly, we are Strange place when we see the zigzag trail behind a big stone in the Death Valley, California.

Strange place

Scientists still have not been able to provide a clear explanation as to how this stone weighing hundreds of pounds was moved feet from its initial position in the first place. The vision of this reddish water is amazing and looks even macabre just like a crime scene. When scientists discovered this place inthey initially thought it was a seaweed that had colored the ice red.

Finally, one of the most strange places in the world is certainly in New Zealand. Underground caves of Waitomo River are probably the most amazing place.

When tourists are moving around in a boat, they can contemplate a glittering ceiling which seems like a starry sky.Nature can do bizarre things, and there are some seriously strange places that feel out of this world.

Here we've picked 20 weird places around the globe. Nov 15,  · Odd places can be found tucked away in remote parts of different countries.

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Some of these places we’re going to talk about, you might have heard of already. The world is a weird (and wonderful) place. And from a rose-coloured lake to a Japanese island ruled by cats, we've got twenty pictures to prove it. 1. Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada Spotted Lake has long been revered by the native Okanagan (Syilx) people and it’s easy to see why they.

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These 19 Nightmarish Places Will Keep You Awake At Night... They Sent Chills Down My Spine.

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It was developed primarily as a booklet for men with no access to the Internet, and is a useful source of basic information. A Redditor cobbled together 19 of the strangest places on earth, reminding us all of the creepy things that could be hidden in our very towns.

Dark forests, abandoned cities, strange museums and other oddities are everywhere. This resort was built to be a tranquil place, but because of the strange amount of deaths during the construction.

19 Strange Places Around The World. The World Is A Weird Place.