The psychotic break of howard beale in network a film by sidney lumet

Jensen, Great Ahmed Khanand black-and-white characters. The last point is the most serious fault. Characters here are simply too good Schumacher, Beale before he gets mad or too bad Hackett, Christensen to be true. No tangible complexity whatsoever.

The psychotic break of howard beale in network a film by sidney lumet

Twitter0 Compiling a list of favourite films is a near impossible task. The list will never be accurate beyond the nanosecond of its compilation. And this scene, the Diner scenemight just be the best two-characters-talking-at-a-table scene ever filmed. This film is all about the characters.

The psychotic break of howard beale in network a film by sidney lumet

Each to them leap off the screen as truly fleshed out souls with believable motivation for their actions. Breaking of the fourth wall is a rarity, especially in a serious film. The technique is predominantly used for comic effect as this video illustrates. With Network however the phrase is apt.

Australian actor Peter Finch also earned himself a posthumous Oscar for his turn in the role of crazed new anchor, Howard Beale.

There can be little argument with that. A Space Odyssey, that is. Once Upon a Time in the West is a film of epic proportions both in front of and considering the talent behind the camera. The original story comes from the collaborative minds of Leone himself, Bernardo Bertolucci and Dario Argento ; three kings of Italian cinema.

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Love bank robbery movies. Most of all, though, after this film I have been mesmerised by every film Kathryn Bigelow has made since. She is still the first and only woman to win the Oscar for Best Directing and I argue she should have won it again for Zero Dark Thirty. Her cinematic taste is impeccable, and her timing breathless and ability to create tension is unsurpassed.

The foot chase scene in Point Break is still the greatest one-on-one chase scene of all time. My love for the film eventually convinced me to read the original novel by Woodward and Bernstein, published in and I found that to be equally as gripping — even more unlikely as we all know the ending!

For a non-fiction book to read like a thriller is rare. The film, directed by Alan J. The cinematography is an especially strong aspect of this dialogue driven film.

This previous article I wrote gives an insight into just some of the personal reasons that it may be so. Cinematically, however, the film is worth of its top ten spot. Its one of those films that I keep returning to again and again. I can recite all the dialogue verbatim. The Interceptor is the coolest vehicle in the history of cinema.


Every character is unique. The final 40 minutes is the greatest chase scene in all of cinema.

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Network - Movie Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes Everybody knows things are bad.

Mel Gibson — love him or hate him — is riveting. The visual techniques on display by Nichols, in only his second film, are beyond his years.

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His use of long-lens camera and the widescreen format fills the frame with subtext at all possible moments.

He almost never resorts to the standard shot-reverse-shot, as most dialogue-driven film do. The two lead performances from Dustin Hoffman and Anna Bancroft are alive with anger, pain and nuance but are always at the service of both the camera and the story.

The support cast, too, brim with excitement. That it is one of the greatest films of all time is not disputed. For me, I watch it probably once a year.For Sidney Lumet, born in , 12 Angry Men was the beginning of a film career that has often sought controversial issues.

Network was filmed in , yet the themes still hold up today over three and a half decades later. Howard Beale's "I'm mad a s hell" rant is the most infamous scene in the film and one of the most compelling rants in all of cinema history.

"Network" is the satirical movie written by Paddy Chayefsky, and directed by Sidney Lumet. The main character, Howard Beele, was a respected news anchor who hit .

All about Reviews: Network [ film] by Sidney Lumet. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers/5(3). Sidney Lumet admitted that he was "furious" that Network lost the Best Picture Oscar to Rocky.

The only music heard in the film is that generated in the TV studio for show themes and commercials. (Minimal use of music is a signature Lumet touch.). 12 Angry Men, Sidney Lumet - there should be a Henry Fonda in every jury room. This movie should be required watching for all jurors.

Great movie, love it! 12 Angry Men (Sidney Lumet, Excellent dialogue and tense drama from an ensemble cast, all packed into just one room-- and therefore breathtaking to watch.

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