Transcultural nursing theory essay

The paper includes a summary of the book, an overall impression of the reader, a discussion of three major themes evident in the book, and a description of a situation from the book and how the situation could be handled differently using references and material learned in Transcultural Nursing. I had acquired my books already from a fellow student and went home to enjoy my three weeks of not studying; just working. Instead of storing the book I carried it upstairs and put it on my night table.

Transcultural nursing theory essay

Communicator — Communication facilitates understanding and collaboration of nursing action with their clients and other members of the health team. Teacher — nurses help the clients learn the state of their well-being and the therapies that will be done to alleviate their conditions.

Counselor — help the clients to cope with stress brought about their health condition. Client Advocate — promoting what is best for the patient, ensuring that his needs are met and protecting his rights.

Change Advocate — as a change agent, the nurse can identify the problem, assesses clients motivation and capacities for change and others.

Leader — process of influencing helps the client in making decisions to establish and achieve their goals towards alleviating their conditions. Middle-Range Theories — are the least abstract level of theoretical knowledge because they include details specific to nursing practice.

Micro-range theories — known to be the most concrete and narrow in scope. Lives in Derbyshire orig.

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In she complete her training at Kaiserworth, Germany. During Crimean war she took care of the wounded soldiers. She address the environmental problems that existed.


Died in her sleep on Aug. Individual, societal and professional values were the integral part in her theory development. Uses her reports describing the sanitary and health conditions in Crimea.

As a statistician she generated reports of varied subjects of health care, nursing and social reform. Her nursing writings are research are featured in American Journal of Nursing from Interpersonal Relations in Nursing — her first book published in states the need to emphasize the importance of the nurse-patient relationship in providing health care.

March 7, died peacefully in Sherman Oaks, California at age Defines person as a man who is an organism that lives in an unstable balance of a given system. Defined that they are forces outside the organism and in context with socially approved way of living from which vital social processes are derived such as norms, customs and beliefs.

Defines nursing as a significant therapeutic interpersonal process; Considers the socio-economic, spiritual, emotional and physical aspect of a person. Orientation- meeting and winning patients trust on admission nurse-patient first interaction.

Identification- During intensive treatment period 3. Exploitation- Convalescence and rehabilitation. The client derives full value from what the nurse offers through relationship 4. Once older needs are resolved, newer and more mature one become evident.

The nurse must treat her patient with utmost courtesy with respect over his individuality. It is achieved through cooperation and active participation. The nurse as a listening friend, understanding family member and gives emphatic advises. It is easily understood; It was taken from specific observations and applied in general also called as inductive reasoning.

This can used only to situations that communication between nurse and patient can occur. The evaluative standard is not met.

Transcultural nursing theory essay

Provides a theory based in reality; Her theory can be tested and observed by using pure observation; Precise in work but still needs continued research and development. Her work has provided significant contribution to nursing profession.

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Environment — The aggregate of all the external condition and influences affecting the life and development of an organism.Applicants to this program must have earned a nursing (hospital) diploma or Associate’s degree in Nursing from a regionally accredited or approved nationally accredited college or university including the following coursework or equivalent: Microbiology (with lab).

Effective care is the ultimate task of nurses. We are the members of the health team who have direct patient/client interaction and therefore it is through our knowledge & understanding of the values, customs, beliefs & practices our patients’ culture that we can provide effective care.

While I was on my first placement in semester one as a student midwife, I met many pregnant women, both within the community and in the hospital with different cultural backgrounds.

For this essay which is a reflective essay, I have chosen to write about a pregnant lady and, in order to protect her. Johns Reflection And Gibbs Reflection in Nursing Practice.

Introduction: In this essay, I will discuss several issues that seem to bind nursing practice with questions of ethics, sociology and management. Reflective practice is an important aspect of nursing management and in this essay we discuss implications of discrimination in nursing care and examine the importance of anti-discriminatory.

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Nursing Philosophy and Nursing Theory: A Comparison of the Metaparadigm Concepts of Nursing of Nursing with Personal Philosophy and the Theory of Madeleine M. Leininger Developing a personal philosophy of nursing and patient care is essential to the development of every nurse.

Drawing from basic culture theory, the “Transcultural Nursing Theory” narrows the focus of cultural competence and proficiency to patient care, at the same time encouraging holistic care. It revolves around the comparison, assessment, and analysis of the cultures present in a patient care situation.